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Need an idea, a script, a set, costumes, choreography, actors, a set, lighting, cameras, sound equipment, a director? Absolutely anything and everything to do with video?

CMW makes your video dreams come true with the most experienced and creative professional talents and state-of-the-art equipment all mixed in just the right amounts for on target, focused videos that make you and your team shine.


You have to start with a great idea, assemble all the elements for a killer event, supervise every imaginable detail and then pull it off seamlessly. Exhausting, huh? Not for CMW. Events are our life, our bread and butter, our main thing. We?ve created and executed every possible type of event from large to small, conventions to press events, grand openings to product reveals, all surpassing our clients? expectations.


CMW knows that there are many levels of success, determined by a myriad of factors. Impact, budget, customer appreciation and executive satisfaction are only a few. Since we don't succeed unless you succeed, we strive to hit the mark on every possible level of success.

What’s good for you is good for us.

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